W&M Zinefest 2017

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to help host William and Mary’s second zine fest with my peer and friend Carly Martin. Zines are independently published art journals, op-ed political columns, literary magazines, photography booklets, pamphlets for activism, etc. There is no limit to the creativity and individuality behind creating a zine. I personally publish my own work under the distro “The Sunflower Economics,” where I share my poetry, photography, and drawings in small instillations. This event involved a lot of planning and coordination and was done in collaboration with The Small Hall Makerspace where the intersection of art and science manifests in tangible efforts.

The planning included creating a social media presence surrounding the upcoming event. I designed a Facebook cover photo, promotional poster, and Instagram post to generate a buzz surrounding the event:

For these designs, I tried to utilize text as a form of visual art rather than literary art to emphasize the malleable and dynamic nature of zines themselves. The curation of a zine, with the intentional placement of written pieces respectively to visual arts is in itself the art of aesthetics. In creating cohesive designs displaying the important information of the event, I wanted to incorporate this facet of lettering as art into that space.

The event itself was held on Saturday, March 18th, from 11am-4pm. It was extremely successful. There was a table for zine-making and food, a table full of zines from other Fests, and tables for each of the zine makers.

The William and Mary publications Rocket Magazine and Acropolis, the art journal, both had tables at the event.

Overall, it was a positive and safer space for creating and exchanging art and literature.