G/Q Initiative

For this semester, I worked closely with members of Student Assembly at the College of William and Mary to organize an initiative aiming to increase visibility for genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, bigender, trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary students, along with all other individuals who identify outside of their designated sex at birth, on our campus. This involved the collaborative efforts between myself and my peers/friends Annelise Yackow and Erica West. For roughly one month, Erica and I met on a weekly basis in preparation and organization after Annelise drafted her proposal to submit to Student Assembly to approve the initiative. Erica and I decided to move forward with two projects: Tabling and a Photo Campaign to promote Trans Education as well as Trans Visibility; and a Panel of individuals identifying along the gender spectrum in order to help with education on gender performance and identity for cisgender allies to non-cis marginalized people.

In preparation for the event, I designed a promotional poster with the information for the event as well as a cover photo:

The morning of the first day of Tabling, I also designed an Instagram post:

For the tabling, I wanted to stray from the typical “White Board Campaigns” found around college campuses. I have found that the white board campaigns do hold merit: writing messages on a white board that are easily personalized to that individual and displaying them in photographs on social media is an effective way to create visibility for a cause. However, I wanted this project to stand out in order to maximize its effect. I decided to incorporate my own passion for design and utilize the same style I do for many of my zines.

In the design, I thought contrast and placement of the photo within a white background would draw the attention of the colors in the photos as well as draw the eye down to the expressions of the persons in the photos. The font family used in the design following, FF Din, is that of the promotional posters/social media designs in order to maintain the same vision for audience consumption, transcendent from Before to After the Initiative. Here are two examples of the design (note that it is difficult to see the background of the designs for the photo campaign because my website also has a white background).